Yellow Potatoes

Quality Yellow Potatoes Available Year Round

We are a premier Grower, Packer, and Shipper of Yellow Idaho® Potatoes, as well as the best yellow potatoes available from Washington, Colorado, Wisconsin, and California to provide Eagle Eye Produce customers with a true year-round program of quality yellow potatoes.  We grow, pack, and ship over HALF A BILLION POUNDS of premium potatoes each year!

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The Third Strongest Category Performer. A Great Source of Potassium & Vitamin C.

Appearance:  Small to medium in size.  Usually, round to slightly oblong with light tan to gold skin & golden to yellow flesh.

Flavor Profile: Velvety & creamy texture.  Subtly sweet, rich, and creamy flavor.

Availability:  Available Year Round

Uses:  Yellow potatoes are great for grilling, roasting, mashing & salads.

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