For over 20 years Eagle Eye Produce has been setting itself apart as an industry leader. Our team is commited to providing our valued customers with high-quality fresh produce, an unmatched customer service experience, at the fairest price. I want to personally thank you for your business and the opportunity for us to service your fresh produce needs.

- Newman Giles, President & CEO

Our Story

Established in 1996, Eagle Eye Produce came from humble beginnings in Roberts, Idaho, a little farming community in Eastern Idaho where Newman set up his first office in the laundry room of their home.

Previously, Newman worked in the produce industry for several years as a Grower/Shipper, Distributer, and Broker. He always had an innate desire to take care of his customers to the best of his ability. Working for other companies became challenging for Newman because he felt they did not always share those same values of giving customers the highest quality produce at a fair price.

The best solution for Newman was to start a business where he would be in control of these core values and would allow him the freedom to nurture and grow long-term relationships based on principles of honesty, integrity, and quality service.

Newman had already gained a reputation for being one of the best produce inspectors in the field, and so he carried that vision forward by naming his newly formed company Eagle Eye Produce. Many challenges and opportunities have arisen throughout the history of Eagle Eye Produce, but they have always been overcome.

Above all, Eagle Eye Produce takes pride in treating their customers with a higher level of personal service, and always remembering that none of this would be possible without an amazing team of partners and employees.

Eagle Farms Early Days

In early 2002, Eagle Eye Produce began investing in the soil, and so Eagle Farms was born. To provide customers with an ever-increasing need for premium produce, Newman knew the company had to evolve. As a result, Eagle Eye Produce had to become more than just a distributor of fresh produce. To achieve this, they purchased a Warehouse in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Taking control of their own supply and designing a potato packing plant in line with Newman’s Vision would make filling orders much easier to accomplish.

Eagle Farms Warehouse Evolution

Eagle Farms expanded its network of growers by creating new partnerships with growers who provided the highest quality potatoes available. As time went on, the Eagle Farms warehouse received a major overhaul. This overhaul raised the bar immensely across the potato industry. What was once an old-fashioned potato shed was now a state of the art packing facility. Using cutting edge technologies, automated graders, baggers, scales, palletizing robots, and climate controllers, a highly efficient potato-packing machine was created.

As a result of the improvements, everything became customizable. This allowed Eagle Eye Produce to make potatoes more affordable for customers. It also maximized returns for the growers at Eagle Farms. They are now positioned as one of the leading grower/shippers of fresh conventional and organic potatoes. In addition, they also have one of the most technologically advanced potato warehouses in the United States.

Idaho Potatoes in All Their Varieties

Providing quality potatoes has always been at the heart of Eagle Eye Produce. As a Premier Grower, Packer, Shipper, and Seller of many different varieties of Potatoes, they are able to provide a true year-round potato program to all of their customers. Strategic Partnerships in Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, and California keep availability and quality high all year round. Eagle Eye Produce grows, packs, and ships over half a billion pounds of premium potatoes every year. For a one of a kind experience from start to finish, look no further than Eagle Eye Produce when it comes to their Potato Program.

Eagle Eye Produce's Potato category is full of variety! Russets, Reds, Yellows, Whites, and Specialty round out the traditional catalog. We are proud to offer a year-round organic program for Russets, Reds, and Yellows as well. Having been one of the first to offer a true year-round organic potato program, Eagle Eye Produce is proud to offer their customers exactly what they are looking for.


Expanding the Business

As the company continued to grow at an accelerated rate, Newman and his partners paralleled this strategy by building, producing, and growing year-round onion, watermelon, and Value-Add Potato Programs as well as establishing Nogales Vegetable programs to further increase what Eagle Eye Produce would be able to offer their customers. Eagle Eye Produce and Farms now grow and ship in several different states, multiple countries, and are a multinational company.

Taking on the Value-Add Market

In Early 2010, Eagle Eye Produce took its first steps into the Value-Add Produce Market. The initial launch included Diced Blends, a prepackaged, ready to cook potato product. Other early products included Diced Squash, Sweet Potatoes, and Lattice-Cut Fries. These early offerings would open the door to a much wider variety of Fresh, Value-added products.

Fast forward to 2020, Eagle Eye Produce's Value-Add Catalogue now boasts a variety of Chef Inspired Flavors, all wrapped up in a prepackaged, easy to cook offering. Value-Add Products include Fresh Blends, Tiny Taters, Steam'd Potatoes, Cooking Potatoes, Idaho Beef Steak Potatoes, and Idaho Steak House Potatoes. Our State of the art packaging and production facility allows us to provide our customers with the best Value-Add Potato products available.

A Year-Round Onion Program

Eagle Eye Produce is proud to offer a year-round onion program. As one of the largest Growers & Shippers of Onions in the States of Oregon and Idaho. Through strategic partnerships, key growing states outside of Idaho and Oregon include Washington, Texas, California, and New Mexico. Eagle Eye Produce currently has over 2,500 acres of Onions Under Cultivation each year and grows, packs, and ships over 100 Million Pounds of Onions each year.

Fresh Watermelon All Year Round

Eagle Eye Produce's year-round Watermelon Program offers customers fresh, quality Watermelon every month of the year with Key Growing Locations in the United States and Mexico. Eagle Eye Produce grows, packs, and ships over 150 million pounds of watermelon each year. With over 3,500 acres of growing area, Eagle Eye Produce is a leading supplier of watermelons. Experienced In-Field and In-House quality assurance inspectors, GFSI, and GAP Certifications ensure that customers are receiving the highest quality watermelons available.

Nogales Vegetable Program

Launching the Nogales Vegetable Program allowed Eagle Eye Produce to expand its offering immensely. At over 45,000 Square Feet, the Nogales vegetable facility is completely climate controlled and Ozonated with Multi-Temperature Zones. Strong partnerships and vested interest with Partners in Mexico allow for seamless consolidation and procurement of the product. The Nogales Vegetable Grower Program offering includes Hard Squash, Soft Squash, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, in each of their respective varieties. Other offerings include Roma Tomatoes, Watermelons, Eggplant, Round Beans, and Cucumbers.

Eagle Eye Logistics

Years of freight management experience, Asset-Based Resources, and an extensive 3PL Partner Network allow us to provide the most cost-effective and efficient logistics solutions to our customers. Whether you require Delivered Pricing or FOB, our experienced transportation team can handle all your needs. Offering competitive benefits and pay allows us to employ a highly skilled team of drivers. We strive to offer the best quality services in load transportation and superior customer service, building lasting partnerships with our loyal customers.

Looking to the Future

Over twenty years later, Newman's goals of providing high-quality produce with superior service at a fair price remain the core values of Eagle Eye Produce. Headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we have an experienced nationwide sales team dedicated to assisting customers with their needs. Our experience in International Sales and Exports enables us to serve customers across the globe, including South America, North America, and Asia. Give Eagle Eye Produce the opportunity to demonstrate to you what a great experience it is to be one of our valued produce partners. Eagle Eye Produce is committed to providing Healthy Foods Grown For You!