Pre-Washed & Microwave Ready!

Our Idaho Cooking Potatoes are premium russet potatoes fresh from our family-owned fields in Idaho.  Each premium potato is pre-washed and individually wrapped inside a microwaveable safe cooking film.  In only 7 minutes, your premium russet potato will be ready to prepare the way that you like it!  



Enjoy a Fluffy & Fresh Cooked Potato in Only 7 Minutes!

Grade:  U.S. No. 1

Availability:  Available Year Round

Uses:  There's nothing better than that classic baked potato taste, or get creative and add them to a salad, soup or casserole.


Packaging Sample:

Eagle Eye Produce Organic Select Cooking Potatoes
Baked Potato
Baked Potato with Butter
Bbq Baked Potato
Fully Loaded Baked Potato
Spinach Baked Potato
Baked Potato

Make It Your Way