Bell Peppers

Flavor Profile

From the sweet, crisp bite of reds to the more subtle, earthy undertones of greens, bell peppers offer a vibrant array of flavors to brighten any dish.


Available from the petite to the robust, bell peppers come in a rainbow of colors including red, yellow, orange, and green, each with a unique shape and a satisfying crunch.


In the kitchen, bell peppers are culinary chameleons, perfect for everything from fresh salads to roasted dishes, and from stir-fries to stuffed creations, meeting a wide spectrum of taste preferences and dietary needs.

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La Rouge Red

Bursting with Color, Brimming with Flavor!

Carefully grown, our bell peppers are a perfect example of culinary versatility: crisp, vibrant, and full of flavor to enhance any dish they accompany.

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