Hot Peppers

Flavor Profile

From the bright, grassy heat of Jalapeños to the rich, earthy mildness of Poblanos, our hot peppers offer a diverse range of flavors to enhance any dish.


Ranging from the small, deep green Jalapeños to the large, dark green Poblanos, these hot peppers display a variety of shapes and colors, including the slender, intense green Serranos and the elongated, pale green Anaheims and Caribes.


In the kitchen, these hot peppers serve various purposes, from spicing up salsas and sauces to adding depth to roasts and traditional dishes, catering to a range of culinary needs.

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Elevate Meals with Our Specialty Hot Peppers

Grown in Mexico, our hot peppers offer a spectrum of fiery flavors and vivid colors, capturing the authentic essence of Mexican heat. Each variety brings its own distinctive taste, ideal for enhancing a range of dishes.

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