You love onions, but you don’t love the tears that come along with cutting them? We put together a helpful tear-free guide to help you out in the kitchen! Unless you need an excuse for crying. “I’m not crying…I’ve just been cutting onions.” The oldest trick in the book

  • The first, and most effective method is to chill your onion in the freezer 20 minutes before cutting into it. When you chill the onion it actually changes the chemical reactions that produce the gas that makes the tears flow. The onions release less of the enzyme that sets off the strong reaction. You can also chill it in the fridge. Just chill for 30 minutes rather than the 20 in the freezer.
  • The second most effective method we have found is to chop your onion under running water or submerge it completely while cutting. This will keep the gasses compressed and away from your eyes. It also helps to cut under your microwave fan as well, just not quite as well.

We hope this helps! Did you know Eagle Eye Produce grows and ships millions of pounds of fresh onions nationwide? Find out more here!