Steam'd Baby Golds

Fresh Idaho Baby Gold Potatoes

1 lb (454 grams)

A simple and classic side.

Steam'd potatoes are carefully selected from our fields, and packaged in a convenient steamer bag. Baby Gold potatoes are known for their soft skin and smooth texture. Whether you're enjoying a steak grilled to perfection or salmon fresh from the smoker, Steam'd Baby Golds provide a wonderfully simple side dish. By eliminating the preparation and cleanup processes, it's never been easier to have a fresh, nutritious, and delicious meal or side dish.

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Simple Cooking Instructions

1. Place unopened bag in microwave. This side up; do not puncture or open bag.

2. Cook on HIGH 6-8 minutes, depending on firmness preference. Cooking times may vary.

3. Let bag rest in microwave for 1-3 minutes. CAUTION HOT! Use care when removing bag from microwave.

4. Carefully cut open the bag along the designated mark. Empty into serving dish. Season to taste, serve, and enjoy!

Steam'd Baby Yellow Potatoes