Do you get stressed every time you have to choose a watermelon from the bunch at your grocery store? We get a lot of questions about how to pick a melon that is ripe and sweet. Here are a few tips for how you can pick the perfect watermelon every time!

  • Find a watermelon that is a uniform size (oval or round) either is ok. You just want to watch out for irregular bumps.
  • You want to find the melon that is heavy for its size. This usually means it will be sweeter and will have more water content.
  • Look for an orange creamy field spot. The darker yellow field spot usually means it was on the vine longer and is full of flavor.
  • If the field spot is white that’s a sign that the melon is not quite ripe.
  • Larger “webbing” or “sugar spots” means that the melon is seeping out sugar and is usually the sign of sweet melon.
  • Look for dark & dull melons which is a sign that the melon is ripe. When the melon is shiny it is underripe.

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