Potatoes are one of the best vegetables to stock up on. These economical, versatile, and do-it-all vegetables can stay fresh for months when stored properly. Here are some tips to help store your spuds properly!

  • Keep potatoes out of the sun. Sunlight or fluorescent light can cause potatoes to produce chlorophyll. This natural reaction will turn potato skins green. While it can still be safe to eat potatoes when they are slightly green it’s best to cut away greening areas before cooking your spuds.
  • Find a cool and dry place like a pantry, cellar, or basement to store your potatoes. Potatoes keep for longer at temperatures between 45-55 degrees F. Raw potatoes can keep for several months when stored correctly!
  • Only wash potatoes right before using them. Do not store potatoes wet. Potatoes are grown in the ground and naturally have dirt on their skins. It might be tempting to wash off the dirt before storing them, but moisture can cause the growth of fungus and bacteria. Keep your potatoes dry when storing.
  • Keep your potatoes out of the fridge or freezer. Colder temperatures can cause discoloration and convert a potato’s starch to sugar.

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