Potatoes are a staple of most kitchens, but there is a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing quality potatoes. We put together a few tips for how to pick the perfect potatoes every time!

  • Squeeze each potato to check their firmness. The best potatoes are firm. Going soft is one of the first indications that a potato is going bad.
  • Look for potatoes that are clean and have smooth skin. Check for cuts and blemishes. While minor blemishes are OK (you can just cut them away before eating). Try to avoid potatoes with many cuts, dark spots, or bruises.
  • Potatoes should have a natural color for their variety. When potatoes are exposed to sunlight they will start turning green. While you can cut away minor greening, try sticking to potatoes with natural color.
  • This one is a little strange, but smell your potatoes before you buy them. Potatoes come from the ground and should smell faintly like soil. Before bringing potatoes home, put them up to your nose and check for that nice earthy smell.

We hope this helps! Did you know Eagle Eye Produce grows and ships millions of pounds of fresh potatoes nationwide? Find out more here!