Grower Spotlight | Rhett Ricks

We recently had the opportunity to visit with one of our potato growers, Rhett Ricks, in Eastern Idaho. Rhett has been farming potatoes for his entire life. He is a multi-generational grower. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all Idaho potato farmers and he is carrying on that tradition. The farm Rhett grew up on was homesteaded back in 1894 and they continue to farm it to this day! That heritage and multigenerational experience are irreplaceable and we could not be more grateful for the hard work and dedication Rhett brings to our potato program.

“My favorite thing with growing potatoes is working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature to see the challenges that we’re gonna have,” Ricks explained in the video. “Every year it’s something new. It never seems to be the same problem. There’s always a new challenge, always a new thing to overcome. And because of that, we’re always on our toes. We’re always prepared for the worst and we pray for things like right now that couldn’t be better.”

Rhett was also able to shed more light on this growing season. Saying “the growing season, from start to finish, has been pretty much ideal.” “The weather was perfect when we planted. It was a nice summer, and we could not have asked for a more perfect harvest.” “We were prepared for the worst and we were given the best.”

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