We recently had the opportunity to visit with one of our watermelon growers, George Cordero, in Hemet California during harvest. George is a multigenerational farmer. His family has been growing watermelons for over 50 years!

“My favorite part of the industry, believe it or not, was pitching watermelons” George explains in the video. Pitching watermelons is the process of picking up the watermelons out of the field and tossing them from person to person to pack on a flatbed in large bins. It’s hard work, but George loved the work and throughout his career, he has seen and done it all.

George was also able to shed more light on this growing season. Saying “this growing season has been one of our best.” “Growing conditions were ideal this year. ..We have good product, good yields, and fortunately, we have a good market too”

We are extremely grateful for the hard work, experience, and dedication he brings to our watermelon program!

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