Grower Spotlight | Doug Case

We recently had the opportunity to visit with one of our potato growers, Doug Case, in Eastern Idaho during harvest. Doug is a third-generation potato grower and has been farming for over twenty years.

In the video, Doug is able to talk about his family’s farming history and some of the biggest innovations he has seen in his career. When he started, there were four-row windrowers and two-row harvesters. Now, they have upgraded to six-row windrowers and four-row harvesters. The volume new equipment can handle is growing and Doug has seen it first hand.

“Every year it’s the same, but also uniquely different.” Case says in the video. “The growing seasons change; each year presents itself with different challenges…different varieties are always coming along as fertilizers change. It’s interesting and fun.”

Doug is also able to talk about his relationship with Eagle Eye Produce. Saying “it has been a great experience; they’re a great company. They know their potato business very well on both ends.”

Doug is passionate about his work and is dedicated to feeding people all over the world. We’re so thankful to have experienced and dedicated growers like Doug on our team for what is set to be our biggest Idaho potato season yet.

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